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Interim manager Operations Jan Baak  Welcome!

On this site I supply you with information about what I, as an independent interim manager, can mean for your company.
I do this by giving as much information as possible. However if you want more detailed information in English, for instance my CV, please push the button CONTACT.
In this way you can decide if my offer suits your requirements.

What is BIA.

BIA stands for Baak (my surname) Interim management & consulting
am an independent interim manager and consultant in the field of Operations management, Supply chain management and General management (SME)
Under the button REFERENTIES (References) you wil find the logo of the companies I have worked for.


Sharing my knowledge and experience with companies, to help them to improve their results.
Many years of experience in permanent positions and as an interim manager have proven  that I can supply lasting added value for companies. 
Together with the experience, I have gained profound theoretical knowledge, like my CPIM and MBA certification.
I like to transfer the result of that to your existing personnel and/or management.


During assignments of the past years as an independent interim manager, I have found it always very important that achieved improvements had been secured. 
It is unpleasant, both for the client as well as for me, if after hard work, the accomplishments disappear in a few months. It is therefore of the utmost Importance to accomplish an assignment with a profound securing.
Please read the article of Nish Kotak in the Financial Times regarding the usage of outsiders to make changes.